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1、英语演讲ppt(15篇)英语演讲ppt(一):Hello, good morning everyone. Im Zhang jinsong from the political class of the Institute of political science and public management. Today Im very pleased to stand here to deliver a speech for you all. The topic of my speech is - Art.Now Id love to propose my first question -

2、What is artOh, Lu_in, What is artAccording to our te_tbook 1 on page 108, we can learn that art is often considered the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions.Ok, a standard answer. Well, I just want to put forward my own point of view.

3、My simple view is that art belongs to the category of beauty and its a kind of thing that can bring pleasant enjoyment to ones heart. This is my own comprehension of art.As we all know, art can be classified into many different kinds of parts. Such as, music, literature, film, sculpture and painting

4、 and so on. There is no doubt that we can benefit a lot from these various forms of art. Now I want to put forward my second question, Zifeng, What benefits do you think art can bring to usUh, as far as Im concerned, I believe that what art can bring to us is mainly a sense of enjoyment. And it can

5、add a baptism and sublimation to our hearts.Yeah, I cannot agree more. But I still have something that can be added. Firstly, art provides us with a chance to know something about some great masters works, broadening our horizons. Whats more, art helps us improve our connoisseurship and raise the le

6、vel of our aesthetic judgment. Finally, art can also help us adjust our mood, allowing us leading a healthy and pleasant life in the long run. For e_ample, if we are down, a piece of gentle music will be a not bad comfort to us.Since art has so beneficial an impact on us, thus, I will raise my last

7、question. Onedan, How to raise a persons artistic accomplishments, letting him or her move forward smoothly under the influence of artI think attending art classes would be helpful. And we can also go to art museums, galleries, the master-pieces showrooms and etc. to appreciate many different kinds

8、of art forms. This is my answer to your question.Yes, you are a bright girl. In addition to what you have just said, we can also appreciate some brilliant master-pieces through TV, internet and so on in daily lives, even create art works ourselves. Besides, We can also put forward our understanding

9、about a specific work of art to communicate with others,promoting our awareness of art through communication.Ok, my speech is over in the end. Thank you for your listening patiently.嗨,大家早上好,我是来自政治学与公共管理学院的张劲松。今天我很高兴站在这里来为大家做一个演讲。我演讲的题目是艺术。现在我会提出我的第一个问题什么是艺术?嗯,鲁欣,什么是艺术? 根据我们的课本第一册第108页,我们可以了解到艺术经常被认为

10、是一种有意地去安排某种元素使之能够吸引人的情感的过程或者是产品。Ok,一个很标准的答案。好,我就提出我自己的观点。我的简单的观点是艺术是属于美的范畴,是一类能够给人的心灵带来美好享受的事物。众所周知,艺术可以划分为很多不同的内容。例如:音乐、文学、影视、雕塑以及绘画等等。毫无疑问我们可以从这些艺术的不同形式中得到很大的益处。接下来我要提出我的第二个问题,梓峰,你认为艺术能够给我们带来哪些好处呢?呃,就我自己而言,我觉得艺术能够带给我们的最重要的就是一种享受。 哦,我太同意不过了。然而让我依然还有一些可以补充的东西。首先,艺术可以让我们有机会去了解一些大师的作品,开阔我们的视野。其次,艺术可以提

11、高我们的鉴赏能力,提高我们的审美水平。最后,艺术还可以调解一个人的心情,让人过一种健康愉悦的生活。既然艺术对我们来说有这么大的好处,那么,我就要提出我的最后一个问题了,一丹,怎么样才能提高一个人的艺术修养,让一个人在艺术的熏陶下顺利前行呢?我认为去上艺术课是很有帮助的。没错,你是一个聪明的女孩儿。除了你刚才说的,我们也可以在日常生活中通过电视、电脑等媒介来鉴赏一下优秀的艺术作品,甚至是自己创作。除此之外,我们可以把自己的关于某件艺术作品的理解同别人交流一下,在交流中增进我们对艺术的认同。好了,我的演讲到此结束,谢谢大家耐心地倾听。英语演讲ppt(二):House by Limpid water

12、Hi everybody。How I wish to live a house surrounded by limpid water! From the windows of the house you could see the clear water flowing by。 And the fresh smell of the water could make you forget a days hard work and feel vigorous again。 And the limpid water could bring us green trees, pleasant grass

13、 and colorful flowers。 Yes, it is like a beautiful drawing。 Yes, it is my good dream!英语演讲ppt(三):高中英语演讲作文高中英语演讲作文I feel so happy to have the chance to make a speech. The title of my speech is Protect the Environment, Protect Ourselves. I hope you will like it.Everybody knows waste pa-pe-r and used co

14、ke cans are discarded everywhere. You might have seen plastic bags flying in the sky and getting caught in the trees when the wind blows or maybe you have seen old cans floating in the rivers and polluting the water. Our environment is the place in which we live, but it is being ruined by us.There i

15、s a story about house and trees. It is said that a mans house was surrounded by a lot of trees. Though the wind was strong, that man could have a good rest under the trees. How comfortable the life was! One day, that man wanted to enlarge his house, so he cut down all the trees. Then the autumn came

16、 without the protection. The strong wind blew the roof of the house into the sky. The whole house was gone with the wind. What a pity! But thats the price people have to pay for destroying in the ecology balance. People shouldnt be short-sighted. Protecting the environment is everyones task.As you k

17、now, there are four kinds of pollution. They are air pollution, water pollution, waste pollution and noise pollution. But what can we do to solve the pollution? I think, firstly, we can make cars that dont pollute the environment. We can ask companies to use modern clean technology. In some big citi

18、es, we can limit the number of cars. Secondly, we can try to use lewater and make sure that we do not pollute the water. We can tell factories that they are not allowed to pour waste water into the lakes and rivers. Thirdly, we should not throw rubbish in parks and cities. We can pick up rubbish if

19、we see it. We can put more rubbish bins in our parks and cities. Fourthly, we can live far from the noise and make the laws to limit the noise.英语演讲ppt(四):保护环境的英语演讲稿On a Saturday morning. I went to have breakfast. I felt there was a terrible smell and went over to have a look carefully. I found that

20、there was a big pile of banana skins giving out the smell.Just then a young fellow holding a dustpan rubbish to walk towards here . He raised his hands, The big pile of rubbish was here. At once I went to him and said “Uncle , you cant do like this . These things will rot very soon. Its bad for our

21、health and make the people fall ill.” However ,the man said “Everyone does so ,who falls ill,who will see the doctor.”Looking at this , I remembered another act : There is a stream through our village. Over it there are two bridges .At the age of seven years old , I enjoyed the beautiful scenery und

22、er the bridge very much. It was the best place to swim in summer. But now the rubbish was getting more and more .Dish leaves,fruit skins,dead ducks and chickens.after rotting ,not only the mosquitos flew around but also the bad smell made everyone feel quite terrible.Though the stream was cleaned up

23、 several times, its still happening now. A lot of plastic bags always float on it .In summmer we have to go far away from the village to swim.What causes this? Who is the devil?Its the human ourselves. I have got to known from a book .The rubbish in the countryside mostly occupies the fields and dam

24、ages the earths surface .It pollutes soil,wave ,atmosphere and damages our health. The adults often say “The body is capital.” But why are they able to make woollen cloth like this ? Does it affect everybodys safe and sound life ?Schoolmates, we are the host of society tomorrow . Its our duty to imp

25、rove and build the safe invironment.Safety is in our hands .We must take park in more environmental protection activities, Plant more trees and flowers to make us live in a beautiful home with the blue sky ,blue water and green land forever.Safety is in our hands . Please try your best to tell peopl

26、e around you to deal with the rubbish , and to make a contribution to building our safe hometome .英语演讲ppt(五):小学作文教案ppt小学作文教案ppt小学四年级作文教案:我最熟悉的人教学要求:1、学会用一件事写一个人的方法,把人的特点或二品质表现出来。2、初步养成留心观察周围人和事的习惯。3、进一步提高学生的语言表达能力。教学时间:2 课时教学过程:一、导入新课今天这节课,由我来给大家上课,欢迎吗?好,我很高兴,哪个同学能向在座的老师和同学介绍一下我呢?都不能啊!为什么呢?(根据学生回答板书


28、作文 王大绩讲文言文阅读林斌讲英语完形填空林斌讲英语阅读理解 李俊和讲高中英语写作不过,说这件事的时候有个要求,什么要求呢?我先不说,大家打开课文198页读读这页的文字,看谁能猜出老师的要求。(根据学生回答板书:怎样发生、经过怎样、结果怎样、怎么说、怎样做)猜得非常好,老师想听你熟悉的人的一件事,要讲清事情是怎样发生的,经过怎样,结果又怎样,在这件事中,这个人说了些什么,又是怎样做的。三、学习例文我们这儿就有一件按这要求说的一件事,这就是课文199页的亮亮,谁愿意帮助老师,站起来把课文念一下。其他同学边听边思考:亮亮是个怎样的人,这件事是怎样发生的,经过怎样,结果又怎样,亮亮在这件事中说了些什


30、,就是把自己想要说的话写下来嘛。不管现在同学们写好没写好,都请大家带回家仔细修改修改。把你最熟悉的人写得栩栩如生,好吗?板书设计:我最熟悉的人怎样发生怎么说一件事经过怎样怎样做结果怎样英语演讲ppt(六):Friendship友谊Every one of us, rich or poor, should at least have one or two good friends。 My friends will listen to me when I want to speak, will wipe my eyes when I cry, will take care of me when I

31、 am sick, and my friends will go together with me side by side through this journey of life。我们每个人,不论富裕还是贫穷,至少应当有一个或两个好朋友。我的朋友会听我说,如果我想说话,要擦去我的眼睛当我哭泣,会照顾我在我生病时,我的朋友将与我一齐肩并肩在这人生旅程。Friendship is a kind of treasure in our lives。 It is actually like a bottle of wine, the longer it is kept, the sweeter it

32、 will be。 It is also like a cup of tea。 When we are thirsty, it will be our best choice, but when we have enough time to enjoy ourselves, it is also the most fragrant drink。友谊是一种财宝在我们的生活。它实际上是像一瓶酒,越久保留,这将是更香甜。它就像一杯茶。当我们口渴时,这将是对我们最好的选择,但当我们有足够的时光去玩得很开心的,它也是最芬芳的饮料。All of us have to spare some time for

33、 personal lives。 We have to find the chance to e_press our emotion and love。 When staying with our friends, we can release ourselves pletely。 We can do whatever we want, we can laugh together, talk together, and even cry to-gether。 I should say that being together with our best friends is the most w

34、onderful moment of our lives。我们所有的人都要花点时光来个人的生活。我们必须找到机会来表达我们的感情和爱。当住在我们的朋友,我们能够放松自我完全。我们能够做任何我们想要的,我们能一齐大声笑,一齐交谈,甚至哭泣下。我应当说,是我们最好的朋友一齐是最精彩的时刻,我们的生活。As we know, we would feel lonely if we didnt even have a friend。 But it doesnt mean we could depend on our friends all the time。 There is a famous mott

35、o saying that “A friend is like a quilt with cotton wadding, but the real thing that keeps you warm is your own temperature。” It is really true。 We have to work hard together with our friends, encourage each other and help each other。 When we receive love and friendship, we should repay as much as w

36、e can。正如我们所明白的,我们会感到寂寞,如果我们还没有一个朋友。但这并不意味着我们能够依靠我们的朋友。有个著名的格言说:“一个朋友就像一个棉花棉丝被子,但真正的东西,是使你暖和是你自我的温度。“这是真的。我们必须努力同我们的朋友,互相激励,互相帮忙。当我们能收到更多的爱与友谊,我们应当偿还高达就能够了。Finally, lets pray together now that one day, all of us could find the person we want to find, and could enjoy a real beautiful friendship in our

37、 lives。 Lets pray the flower of friendship be-tween our friends and us would always bloom brightly in our hearts最终,让我们一齐祈祷了,有一天,我们都能找到我们想找的人,就能够享受一段完美友谊的真正左右我们的生活了。让我们一齐祈祷友谊之花却成为我们的朋友,我们将永远绽放鲜艳的在我们的心中英语演讲ppt(七):caring for nature-overpopulationwhat is nature? its everything that e_ists in the world i

38、ndependently of people, such as pants and animals, earth and rocks, and the weather.now more and more people are focusing on the nature. it is no doubt that the nature is important to every human being. no nature, no life. because of the supplies of the nature, we have lived happily for a long time.

39、 and we started to gain every thing available from the nature. and this lasted so long a time. today, people have discovered that the nature around is getting worse and worse.what is threatening the nature? air and water pollution, overharvesting of plant and animal species,overpopulation and so on.

40、 overpopulation is the biggest source of pollution. lets take overpopulation as an e_ample.what does overpopulation feel like? when we move slowly through the city in a tazi. when we enter a crowded slum district. when the temperature is high and when the air is thick with dust and smoke. the street

41、s are crowded with people. the streets seem alive with people. people eating. people washing. people talking. people sleeping. people visiting each other, arguing and screaming. people relieving themselves. people pushing their hands through the ta_i windows, begging. people leading animals. people,

42、 people, people, people. as we drive slowly through the crowd, sounding ;the ta_is horn, the dust, heat, noise and cooking fires made it like a scene from hell! i admit, frightening.to the nature, overpopulation is a big problem. more people, more pollution. and the big population is threatening the

43、 nature every second.the rapid rise in world population is not creating problems only for the developing countries. the whole world faces the problem that raw materials are being used up at an increasing rate and food production can not keep up with the population increase. people in rich countries

44、make the heaviest demands on the worlds resources, its food, fuel and land, and cause the most pollution. a baby born in the united states will use in his lifetime 30 times more of the worlds resources than a baby born in india. unless all the countries of the world take united action to deal with t

45、he population e_plosion there will be more and more people fighting for a share of less and less land, food and fuel, and the future will bring poverty, misery and war to us all.for most of the developing countries, it is a good idea to control the population growth. for e_ample, china has carried o

46、ut birth control for years. and this plan has a great effect on the world population.if the population continues to increase, if the air and water continue to be polluted, if we dont ;do something to protect wild-plant and wildlife species will be declining. species and biological communities have d

47、ifficulty adapting to change. economic opportunities and the quality of life of future generations are also put at risk. by protecting nature, we protect ourselves.lets unite together, hand in hand we stand all across the land.we can make this world in which to live. hand in hand. control the popula

48、tion growth. take good care of our nature.英语演讲ppt(八):As the saying goes, what wakes you up in the morning is not your alarm clock, but you dream. The future is unknowable, but dream give us the direction .In some moment maybe the reality is harsh and you are suffering much. If you have a dream, even

49、 a very small one, it will light your life in the darkness and keep you hiding from the reality, for dream will give you the energy to fight.However, sometimes it seems that what is practical and sensible does not connect with your most treasured dreams. I am a freshman ,indeed my college life is no

50、t as colorful as imagined before,all plans and goals just be hung up。Im very afraid that even if I graduated from college, I still couldnt find a job and then had a better life. Faced with the cruel reality,we college students should really make good use of these facilities and learn as much useful

51、knowledge as possible。Then after graduation, we would find its much easier to get a decent job.When I am a little girl,my father gave me two cups filled with soil,he asked me to water one cup every day。Two weeks later,tender leaves appeared in the cup that I watered everyday。Father said to me:“The s

52、eed represents for your dream,without sweat and effort,it wont come out .By no means will your dream turn into reality if you never pay for it.”From this story I learn that If I intend to full my dreams ,I must work hard,make efforts ,and get prepared ,otherwise I will get no possibility to succeed.

53、英语演讲ppt(九):Good morning everyoneIts a great honor for me to stand here to deliver a speech to you. Then today I want to talk something about dreams and reality.As the famous Russian litterateur Lev Tolstoy said, “Ideal is the beacon. Without ideal, there is no secure direction; without a direction,

54、there is no life.” So theres no doubt that everyone needs his or her own ideal. Have you ever thought that what is practical and sensible will connect with our most treasured dreams? Maybe, to somebody, reality has little relation to ideal. To others nothing can be done without the sense of reality.

55、 So make our dreams a part of our reality. And make our reality a part of our dreams. There is no reason why our dreams must oppose our reality. Improve our dreams and our reality by bringing them together.As a university student, establishing a dream is one of the most important things we have to d

56、o .But everyone must see the reality clearly at first. Your family condition, your personal ability, your social intercourse (交往、交流), your subject and the job you want to do, these things show you the reality and lead you to establish a dream.Further more, difficult or otherwise, we should put the p

57、ower of reality into our dreams. Last but not least remember to work hard at the task of chasing 追逐our dreams. Do believe that we can achieve our ideal step by step by the passage of time!In the end, I want to share with you a poetry named “ I think I can”.Maybe you can not understand the meaning of

58、 the poetry , But do not be worried ,Let me tell you the meaningThank you for your listening!英语演讲ppt(一十):“清明时节雨纷纷,路上行人欲断魂”盼望已久的清明节,终于到来啦!这一天我们很开心。因为我去了我最喜欢的北京。这一天,我们逛了北京的大街小巷、吃了美味的北京烤鸭、登了著名的万里长城、还见到了不同肤色的外国人,最让我难忘的是万里长城。一来到长城脚下,我就被那气魄 雄伟的工程迷住了。首先长城修筑在八达岭上,高大坚固,是用巨大的条石和城砖筑成的。顶上铺着方砖,十分平整,像很宽的马路,五六匹可以并

59、行。远看长城,它像一条长龙,在崇山峻岭之间蜿蜓盘旋。而长城的.两边 是郁郁葱葱的树木,一眼望去,像一片绿色的海洋,美丽极了。每天攀登长城的人,络绎不绝,大家都来见证这个历史上的伟大奇迹。这个清明节过得真是太有意义了,我期待着下一次清明节的到来。英语演讲ppt(一十一):Dream, with each one of us.Dream is beautiful, it is the bottom of my heart the most beautiful e_pectations, so the dream also become our long-held beliefs.Dream is th

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